Painting with friends is an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon!

Last fall, my friend Patti contacted me about possibly getting together to paint.  Patti is an artist as well and has a flexible schedule, so it sounded like a great idea to me.  One beautiful, crisp fall day I went over to her house and we painted “en plein-air” in her backyard, capturing her garage.  This was my first time painting outside in my Aquabee sketchpad, and it was a bit difficult getting used to how much water could be used on the page and how fast it would dry off in the nice sunshine.

I really like how this painting came out, as long as I don’t inspect the crazy perspective at the bottom of the page.  Painting en plein-air is very difficult, but it was something that both Patti and I have enjoyed and have taken to doing the first Saturday of the month, adding a few people into our fold.  This particular month we were unable to meet on the first Saturday, so we’ve rescheduled it to this weekend, which I look forward to!  If you’re local and interested in painting on the first Saturday, let me know!  There is no prerequisite to being good at painting at all — we welcome everyone!

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