Four Colorful Pears

Around Christmastime, I seemingly had a little bit more free time than I do at present.  Anyway that, combined with being charged to paint a picture for my Aunt Ellie for Christmas, combined with putting together an Easter painting for Glenmary, led me to a lot of painting.  Sometimes I paint from life, sometimes from pictures.  One of my favorite sites to look for painting inspiration is Flickr…although sometimes I come across some pictures that are so pretty that I think “how could I possibly paint anything prettier.”

I ran across a picture of four pears on Flickr, called Pear Parade.  This is one of those pictures where I wonder why even try to make it prettier (the lighting and arrangement, etc. is so perfect to me), but I tried anyway, and am happy with the results.  First, I love painting fruit because I love the bright colors that you can get.  Second, although I have painted fruit before, I was intrigued with painting the same thing but with differing attributes (tall v. skinny, green v. red, etc.).  In the end, I really like how this painting came out — loose, but identifiable, and I love the delicate shadows under the pears.

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