In continuing to recover from my unlucky week in Mammoth, I went to the Apple Store to find out how much it would cost to fix my cracked iPodTouch screen.  I setup an appointment at the Old Town Pasadena Apple Store.

I met with the Apple Genius James, and he looked at my iPod for a few seconds.  He then proceeded to type a few things into the store computer.  He then looked up at me and said, “We can fix the screen, but it’s going to cost about $220”  I thought about it for a few seconds before declining.  He mentioned that there may be some non-Apple dealers online who would fix the screen for less.

After looking around the internet, it doesn’t seem like it will be possible to fix it for much less than $200.  The screen itself costs $150 from Apple, and that doesn’t include labor, warranty, etc.

So, my choice is to pay $200+ for a fixed screen.  I’m leaning towards buying a new one.  A brand new 16G iPodTouch is $299.  The new iPodTouches have a faster processor, a brand new battery and a speaker.  Plus, the Macworld Expo is next week.  Maybe Apple will add a full Bluetooth stack to the iPodTouch.  Maybe they’ll release a 64GB version and lower the cost of the 32GB version.  Now that I have my iPodNano, I’m not in a hurry to buy something new!

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