>Where have I been??

>Where have I been?  Well, I’ve been working on updating my website.  I am finding that it is taking awhile because I am trying things that are newer to me…expanding my skills a little.  So, I am learning and trying and fiddling with things to try to make them right.

One of the things I’m trying is using this one site called Typekit to import specialized fonts into my website.  For those of you who don’t know, when designing websites, fonts are really tricky because each computer has their own set of fonts, that other computers may not have.  So designers typically use a handful of fonts that happen to be on every computer, Mac and PC.  It is very limiting.  I found out about this Typekit place, and basically they can imbed specific fonts on your website…for a price.  I thought that I’d try that out, but it’s been difficult because when I build the website, I can’t see what it looks like…I have to upload it and make it live in order to see how the fonts are working.  It’s a lot of work, a lot of back and forth.

Anyway, it is more slow-going than I’d like it to be, but it’s a challenge.  You can take a sneak peak at my new website by clicking here.  Right now, only the home page, the design page, and the website pages work.  Everything else will be a blank page or a file not found.  If you have any thoughts or suggestions, I’d love to hear them — leave it in the comments.

You may also be wondering — where is my watercolor painting for this week?  The answer is unfinished.  I had to leave class early on Monday to go to something and could only sketch the demo and take a picture.  I have since come home and done a fair amount of work on the painting (maybe 2/3 or 3/4 done), but haven’t had time to finish it.  I’d post a pic of it, but Gavin took his camera to work, I think.  You’ll have to wait.

About jenny

Jennifer Smith Greene is originally from and lives currently in Burbank, California with her husband Gavin Greene. Jenny completed her undergraduate degree from Woodbury University in Graphic Design. She has worked as a graphics & web designer, both as an in-house and freelance designer. She also has completed a Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree from Princeton Theological Seminary. She has worked as a hospital chaplain and in support roles in various churches. In her spare time, Jenny enjoys watercolor painting. She has taken classes and workshops under Joseph Stoddard, Tom Fong, Danny Gregory and Jane Friend. Additionally, Jenny is active in the community and volunteers her time on the Board of Family Promise of East San Fernando Valley, a social service nonprofit dedicated to helping homeless children and their families by providing shelter and support services to help the families find jobs and housing. Jenny enjoys reading (and highly recommends the site Goodreads), watching movies, playing softball and tennis and taking walks with her husband. Otherwise, Jenny is always curious to find out about those people who come to her site and would love to hear from you!
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