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Returning from an afternoon out, I came home to find an email from one of my clients in my inbox.  As an aside, I really like all of my customers — one of the benefits of doing freelance is choosing who you work with!  Anyway, I got an email from him asking if I had time to suggest a few quick tweaks to a flyer that they had drafted up for an upcoming seminar they are hosting.  I opened it up and saw the flyer (to the right) and thought, “Where do I even begin?”  Here I thought I was just going to give a few suggestions (like I did earlier in the week when they needed some suggestions for a simple flyer they were making), but I felt that the flyer needed a complete redesign.  How dull does this look?  Furthermore, are you supposed to be looking at the top half or the bottom half?

So, I sent a quick email back, getting more information about how the flyer will be used, and where it’ll go.  My client explained that he needed it to go out ASAP and that it needed to be done in Word and also had to be emailed out to their email list.  So, I took a half hour before dinner and totally redesigned the flyer.

I am really happy with how it came out.  It looks professional, the color matches the official color of the company, the important, factual bits about the seminar pop out, but still remain a cohesive whole within the document.

I am not an accountant and the seminar seems way over my head, so I am likely not the target audience, but I think I’d be more likely to attend (or at least consider attending) the seminar from my flyer, as compared to what they would have sent out. I am glad that my client emailed for help–for what took me a half hour, they were probably working a good portion of the day on.  Now it looks better and hopefully will draw people to them, because they really do seem like they’re a great company with a lot to offer, from my experience working with them.

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