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Late last fall I had an interview that I thought went absolutely nowhere.  Imagine my surprise, then, when at the end of January (when everything else was happening) I got an email from the organization informing me of our next project.  It definitely caused me to wonder if they were contacting the right person.

They needed me to put together a Constant Contact email, which I easily did, resulting in a project the very next day to create a very large poster that they can display at their networking meetings/social gatherings.  My client sent me a few different designs that they had done in the couple of years past and, although I was not sure how to order all of  the information that needed to be on this poster, I was pretty confident that I could design something better. One sample of a previous poster is shown to the right.

The poster needed to display lots of information: people’s names and titles, a description of the organization, meeting time and location information, etc.  So although it is huge, there really was not much space.  It also needed to convey the separateness of the two groups, while also emphasizing their connection and partnership in helping to raise funds for the larger organization.  They also stated that they use this poster both in the day and at night, and needed the names, especially to be easily readable and the focus of the poster.

So I set to work and put together the poster below.  I decided to feature the names on a white background, to make the names very readable at a glance.  I tried to title the poster to show the overall connectedness of the organization, while keeping the divisions separate.  I also highlighted the meeting times of the organizations to help people potentially interested in joining to easily see where and when they meet.

On the whole, my client LOVED this new design and was impressed that I was able to put it together in such a short turnaround time.

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