LA Zoo Watercolor Painting

This Saturday is the first Saturday of the month, and so I’m hoping to be able to get together with a few friends to go out on a painting excursion.  This all started from an afternoon painting in a friend’s backyard.  Since then, we have gone to the Zoo, Descanso Gardens, and the Griffith Observatory…paintings I will share in the coming months!

For the zoo, it was just Patti and I.  She led us to a nice tree-covered, patio-type place by the giraffes and chimps and it would have been great…in the summer.  By the end of the 2-3 hours we spent there, we were both icicles.  This particular subject was challenging for me, and when I left the zoo, I was so disappointed that it did not turn out.  But then after a few hours, when I looked at it again, I realized it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  It’s surely not going to win any awards, but painting and drawing from life is hard, especially (for me) when painting animals and having difficult perspective challenges.  Maybe we can go back and try again this summer, when it is a bit hotter outside and we could use some sitting in the cool shade.

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