Hydrangea Flower Watercolor Painting

I have been commissioned by Glenmary again this year to paint another Christmas scene for their annual appeal.  Very exciting!  However as you may have seen from the lack of blog posts, I have not painted much this year due to being so busy with other projects.  So, before I began working on the first draft of the paintings I sent to Glenmary, I decided to pick some hydrangeas from in front of my apartment building and do a quick painting to help loosen me up.

Hydrangeas are a little difficult because of the mass of blooms, so I decided to try to simplify by laying down color variations of the flowers and then doing some negative space painting to indicate some individual blooms.  I was going to paint the leaves a flat green, but they turned out not too successful, so I decided to try the same sort of negative painting with them.  All in all, I think fairly successful!

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