Finished Window Vases

I finished the window vases and took pictures of them all assembled the other day, so you can see the finished products:

<– Mosaic Window Vase
I love this one.  I just love how all of the pieces fit together, and I love the color choices in it, too!

Diagonal Blue/Orange Window Vase –>
I also really love this one…didn’t think it would turn out well and I think the fusing really pulled it together.  Here, the vase is being used as it should — as a little vase for a bloom.

<– Diagonal Blue/Purple Window Vase (aka River Window Vase)
This one is very delicate.  I really like this one, too, particularly the simplicity of it.  Someone, when looking at it, remarked that it looks like a river, which I very much see, but didn’t necessarily intend.

Wave Window Vase –>
This one I designed to be like one of those Japanese depictions of a great wave.  The deep orange in the background is to be reminiscent of the setting sun and the orange speckles are to be indicative of the foam on the wave.

<– Geometric Window Vase
I am coming to terms with how this one came out.  The more I look at it, the more I like it.

…And now, for some glamour shots that Gavin took the other day at sunset.  He has such a talent for photography!  PS: As you will look, you will notice that the window looks dirty.  I would like you to know that the window inside has been cleaned — it is the outside pane that is dirty and that’s something I just can’t fix because we’re on the second story.  And now, without further ado:

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